Blockchain Game Is Highly Rewarding Game to Earn Bitcoins

Game addiction is considered to be a bad habit in the conservative society, but people don’t know that games sometimes can be rewarding in terms of revenues. Games always offer fun and entertainment, but on the other hand, boost your skill when you play brain, skill or strategy games. Almost all gambling or casino games are skill or strategy games, but involve risks due to probability factor. You may either earn or lose in online casino games. When bitcoin earning is your motive, you can achieve through bitcoin games or casino games. You can do it and add real bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet through fun-filled addictive games.

Blockchain game
Being an owner of smartphone is an advantage because blockchain game is available for Android and iOS users. Blockchain game is a high paying faucet game in which you can claim big rewards with a longer chain by stacking blocks. Blockchain game is easy and fun-filled, but challenging and its charm is in high rewards. You need to build a blockchain by ending the subsequent block at the right position and time. The rewards are consistent with length of the blockchain. Once you finish with making the blockchain, you spin the wheel to earn your reward. Bitcoin rewards have weekly payouts and are automatically received in your bitcoin wallet address. You have option to build a new blockchain every hour and earn more bitcoins and also watch short videos to earn extra Satoshi (bitcoin unit).
Quantum of rewards
You know that blockchain game is high paying faucet and you can earn more with new blockchain and watching short videos. The reward starts from 1.500 Satoshi for 100 blocks blockchain and go up to 100.000 Satoshi. You also get 120 additional Satoshi for each video watching. This is not as big in any other game. The blockchain game is really rewarding and that’s why considered best to earn more bitcoins with continuous play.