Complete Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

I have talked several times lately about my urge to experiment with matched betting.

Several other personal finance bloggers have created an absurd amount of money out of it, so that I thought that it was about time that I gave it a spin myself.

This report marks the end of my first full month of matched betting, which means you're going to get to hear all about the procedure, the outcomes that I've needed and my aims for the long run.
In doing this, I hope that you'll have the ability to generate an informed choice about whether this profitable opportunity is right for you also...

What's Matched Betting?

I will be the first to acknowledge that I hate betting.I am pleased to say that I have never place a bet on a horse, or even a soccer game, or even purchased a lottery ticket.So far as I am concerned, regular gambling is truly only a tax on those who do not know math.

Matched betting is quite different.

In essence as you're using betting as the procedure for earning money, you adhere to an extremely clearly-defined system which ensures your winnings.In essence it is gaming, without gaming.

By placing bets which are mathematically sure to win you can earn a few great income -- tax-free.

How Can Matched Betting Work?

Let us look at an illustration.

How most matched bettingbegins is by using free bets offered by several bookmakers.

A good example may be a bookie that supplies you with a free 20 bet, when you have deposited and made a bet of 10.

To earn money from this we utilize two distinct bookies, andgamble in reverse directions.

Let us begin with our 10 bet.Doing so with both bookies will put us back 20 in total.We bet on a single game (for instance, a particular horse in a particular race) to triumph.Afterward, in the other bookmaker we bet on those losing.