Enjoy Your Bali Vacation at Disini Luxury Resort

For those who want to know where the heaven is, it is located in the northern tip of the Indonesian Archipelago. Here (Disini) luxury spa is located near the beach of Seminyak Bali, where you can feel the heaven. If you are a true traveler who wants to enjoy a luxurious holiday amidst nature, you must visit this luxury boutique hotel.

Luxury holiday in Disini
When you plan a holiday, you aim for relaxation. You seek a holiday where you get to relax in the lap of nature with beautiful surroundings. So as to live in such place you can check out the various packages given by the luxurious resorts there. Bali is one such destination in Indonesia which has beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife, and scenic beauty. What more can anybody desire than to stay in a spa villa with all the latest amenities?
At Disini luxury hotel, you get the opportunity to pamper yourself with a variety of spa massages and treatments. The island is full of natural products which you can enjoy the spa services.

Amenities at this hotel
• The luxurious villas are stylish with infinity pool.
• The villas are accommodatedwith spatable and marble bathrooms.
• You get free Wi-Fi services.
• The guests get to enjoy in private pools decked with a day bed.
• Out of the wide variety of spa services, you may pamper yourself.
• The villas are stylishly decorated with thatched roof and ornamental wall to give you a personalized feel.
• You can enjoy the special gourmet food prepared by the exotic chefs in the resort.
• Hire car services to conveniently explore the scenic beauty of the island.
• Enjoy the various packages offered for different occasions.
Disini is popular because of the various spa facilities offered here. A good stay makes a holiday memorable.