How to take care of beard using beard oil

Luckily there are products for beard care like oils that are packed with conditions like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and argan oil. Many experts believe that beard oil is essential for taking care of facial hair.

But some are there who still not believe in grooming their facial hair. Bear oil hydrates your skin and help to soften and tame that means two benefits with one product. An ideal beard must look groomed and shiny and not shaggy, flaky or dusty.

People who use it recommends that beard oil must be put in the morning just after you shower or cleanse. In this way, the hair pores and follicles will get open and absorb this oil easily. As you care the skin like cleansing and moisturizing is difficult during summer and winter like beard care is also needed. Just take few drops in your palm and rub on your beard. If you have a long beard then use comb to coat the product everywhere in your hair and skin get moisturized.

Here are some steps for applying beard oil
• Take a hot shower in the morning and clean your beard properly. When hair is clean and soft, the oil can get absorbed very fast.
• After bath clean dry your beard completely before you apply oil. This is because water can prevent oil from getting absorbed oil.
• Take 2 to 3 drops of oil and rub in your hands, if you want more then take later
• Spread evenly the oil in your fingers and palms
• Once oils is evenly distributed then apply it along your beard using palm
• Do it down to front several times
• Then bring your both hands up from bottom to upward
• Using comb distribute oil evenly and set your hair.