Hunter Easton Hayes the American Singer and Musician

Hunter Easton is a country soulful singer from America and also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. This young talented 25 year old boy can play 30 instruments. When he was just 2 falls in love with music and by four became the sensation of national television. Sticking with his music love and writing songs he reached the US Billboard top chart. He remained as public domain for many years and each year he performed better as musician. He won several awards and hopes to inspire the coming generation with his style of music. He got recognized globally with the song ‘Wanted’. Definitely Hunter is the coming sensation of music. He also got a chance to perform at White House at the age of seven. Among the instruments many he plays also learned drums, guitar, bass and keyboard without taking any professional help. Now Hunter Easton is working with Atlantic Record Label and performed with some pioneer musicians like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift on tours.

Hunter Easton Hayes was born on 1991 September 9th to Leo and Lynette at Louisiania Larniurg Hospital His parents belong to France so naturally he got deep routed their culture. His parents are working and being one child he was brought up by his nanny who use to listen Cajun music of accordionist Aldus Roger on radio.

One day Hayes got accordionist toy from his grandmother when he was two. It was surprise to see when he started playing Roger songs on accordionist. That time it was realized he was a born musician and then his parents customized that accordionist so that he can play it with this tiny hands. During the childhood days, he visited at Cajun band every Friday and later he joined that ban d.