Tips for using Skype

Skype is easy to use and does not involve a lot of learning curve. Even your grandma can use Skype as the user interface is pretty easy and straightforward. However, if you want to be a power user and use Skype extensively then you need to know a lot of tips and tricks.

Let us help you with some tips and tricks for using Skype

• Caller-Id:Generally, when you call from Skype to a mobile number the recipient cannot figure out that it is you calling. You can adjust the skype settings and update your contact number in the tool. After doing this, if you call them then your recipient can see your name given the fact that he or she has your number in the mobile.

• Shortcut Keys: You can configure shortcut keys in your mobile or laptop so that you can take and make calls easily.

• Saving & Restoring Contacts: You have the option to take a backup copy of all your contacts which can be restored if your Skype crashes or if you have to move to a different device.

• Video Voicemail: Skype has the option to send video voicemail. We all know that voicemail is left when the recipient is not available. Video voicemail for sure is even more cool feature to have.

• Setting up multiple accounts in Windows: You have the need sometimes to have two Skype accounts. One for personal and the other for office usage. You would ideally like to have both together. Well this is very much possible in Windows by fiddling some settings.

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